Time server

Source: experts-exchange

On the server:
type… net time /querysntp
This will show you what time server your domain controller is currently syncing with.

NOTE: the default windows time server on the internet is completely unreliable. I suggest a change.

Now type… net time /setsntp:tick.usno.navy.mil,tock.usno.navy.mil

Your DC now has two time servers available for sync, provided by the US Millitary. Very reliable.

Now all of your clients should be syncing with the DC, either by specifying > “net time /setsntp:{servername}”…or….by logon script. > net time \\{servername} /set /y


Set full access on all mailboxes for one account

For whatever reason you may come across, if you want to give a account full access on all the mailboxes on a server, use this command in powershell:

Get-Mailbox -Server “servername″ | Add-MailboxPermission -User “domain\username” -AccessRights FullAccess | Format-List

copy paste above line and edit it before you run it.

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