Saving NIC info during P2V

this is something I’ll be testing during a future P2V:
I’ve found it in the comment’s on this blog:


Here’s an easy way to dump the IP info to a text file and then reapply it
To dump the IP config using netsh from a command line:
netsh interface ip dump > c:\ipconfig.txt

Since Windows will most likely see the new NIC as “Local Area Connection 2” (or something similar) you have to modify the above text file and change the NIC name to match the new NIC’s name. Or change the new NIC’s name on the host to match what’s in the file above. Either way works.

To re-import it:
netsh -c interface –f c:\ipconfig.txt

This really comes in handy when you have a lot of DNS servers, WINS servers, etc and/or multiple IPs on the same NIC.

Been looking for something like this 🙂

Also, I’ve discovered that after a P2V of a windows 2003 machine, the SCSI adapter is Buslogic.
It seems this not as good as the LSI adapter so it’s a good thing to upgrade while you’re at it.
I’ll do a blog post on this in the future.

  1. November 9th, 2010

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